9 Exercise Ideas for Couple Workouts

Can’t find the motivation to workout or find exercising alone really boring? Why not do it with a partner?

Having a partner can increase accountability and motivate you to push a lot harder during your workouts. You get to spend time with each other while burning calories too!

Here are 9 exercise ideas to keep fit with your partner and make staying healthy fresh and fun. Grab your BFF/BF/GF/Husband/Wife and try these exercises for a full body workout!

1. Assisted Pistol Squats

2. Push-ups with Hand Clap

3. Assisted Pull-ups

4. Resistance Pull-ups

5. Wheelbarrow -> HL’s favorite! 😉

6. Leg Throws

7. Twist Resist

8. Mock Prowler

Keep your core engaged and push as fast over as you can over a distance of 10 to 30 meters.

9. Weighted Lunges

We hope you guys have as much fun as we did when we shot this video!